Giuseppe Verdi’s ‘La Traviata’ – Opera Pocket

11 May 2019
12 May 2019

This Tenerife Auditorium production, part of the Opera Pocket project, offers one of Verdi’s most popular operas: La traviata, under the stage direction of Alejandro Abrante, opera intendant in Tenerife. La traviata is based on La Dame aux Camélias, a play adapted from the novel written by Alexandre Dumas fils. It offers a powerful mix: beauty, intense feelings and music by a revolutionary composer.

Creative team:

Conductor – Alessandro Palumbo

Stage director – Alejandro Abrante

Assistant stage director – Marco Castagnoli

Set design – Jorge Cabrera

Costume design – Javier Caraballero

Lighting design – Miguel Ponce


  • When: 11 and 12 May


  • Where: Magma Conference Centre (Adeje)
  • Time:

11 May: 7.30pm

12 May: 6pm

  • Price: €5-30