Los Caprichos Musicales de la Isla Baja 2019

11 May 2019
20 July 2019

A concert programme in special venues in Isla Baja – mostly former convents and local squares –, now holding its 14th edition. It includes concerts by the Canary Islands Conservatory of Music Ensemble, Çak, the Tenerife Trombone Quartet, the Tenerife Auditorium Youth Choir, the Tom Sawyer Brass Band and La Paz Choral Society from La Laguna, among other performers.

In addition, there will be workshops with renowned musicians like guitar player Walter Abt (3rd Guitar Performance Course), clarinettist Cristo Barrios (3rd Clarinet Performance Course), pianist Guillermo González (10th Piano Performance Course) and soprano Judith Pezoa (12th Vocal Performance and Singing Technique Course).

  • When: From 11 May to 20 July
  • Where: Municipalities of Garachico, Los Silos, Buenavista del Norte and El Tanque
  • Price: Free admission
Los Caprichos Musicales de la Isla Baja 2019
Garachico, Los Silos, El Tanque, Buenavista