Musical caprices in the Isla Baja

07 April 2018
21 July 2018

This year’s programme features 21 concerts and 4 courses in picturesque locations in Tenerife’s north-west corner (Isla Baja), including old convents and squares in the towns of Garachico, Los Silos, Buenavista del Norte and El Tanque. The programme is divided into two musical cycles: one for vocal and instrumental music and featuring concerts on Friday and Saturday evenings, the other featuring bands who will play on the main squares at mid-day on Sundays. In both cases, the concerts will held in the towns in the area on a rotating basis.

Musical caprices in the Isla Baja
Consorcio Isla Baja CL Estéban de Ponte 1, esquina con CL Venus, Garachico
Tel.: 922 830 204