Omayra Cazorla Escándalo Infanta Leonor Auditorium Los Cristianos Arona

Omayra Cazorla – Escándalo

06 March 2020 - 06 March 2020
Omayra Cazorla – Escándalo
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Comedian Omayra Cazorla is coming with Escándalo, her new, bold, straightforward and uncensored stand-up show. Impersonating a grotesque character, Cazorla makes strong social statements on stage, wrapped in comedy and humour.

In this show for people over 13, she makes you think, using scandal as the banner of revolution.

  • When: 6 March
  • Where: Infanta Leonor Auditorium, Los Cristianos, Arona
  • Showtime: 8.30pm
  • Ticket price: €15


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Omayra Cazorla – Escándalo

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Omayra Cazorla – Escándalo

Auditorio Infanta Leonor
Avenida Juan Carlos I, 20B
Los Cristianos. 38650 Arona

Tel.: + 34 922 75 70 06