Quantum Ensemble – ‘Claroscuro’

09 May 2019
09 May 2019

A concert exploring two of the composers with the most complex personalities in the history of music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) and Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975). The works chosen are two quintets: Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet in A major, K. 581 (35 min) and Shostakovich’s Piano Quintet in D minor, Op. 57 (35 min). Both are fine examples of transparency and emotional depth.


Clarinet – Cristo Barrios

Piano – Gustavo Díaz-Jerez

String ensemble – Minetti Quartett


  • When: 9 May
  • Where: Adán Martín Auditorium (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)
  • Time: 7.30pm
  • Price: €7,50-15


Quantum Ensemble – ‘Claroscuro’
Auditorio de Tenerife
Avenida de la Constitucion, 1,
38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife