Tenerife Fashion Beach Costa Adeje

14 October 2019
20 October 2019

Tenerife Fashion Beach Costa Adeje, aka #TenerifeFBCA, is an initiative of the Council of Tenerife and the Town of Adeje, a meeting point for the international swimwear industry. In an innovative approach, it brings fashion and tourism together. #TenerifeFBCA has found its place among international fashion shows, as the perfect showcase and launching pad for Tenerife and local designers.

The programme includes a wide range of activities: photo shoots, fashion talks where experts discuss the situation and challenges of the fashion industry, and a bloggers meeting gathering the most influential fashion bloggers in the Canary Islands, and more.

  • When: From 14 to 20 October
  • Where: Duque Norte Beach, Costa Adeje
Tenerife Fashion Beach Costa Adeje
Duque Norte Beach Costa Adeje Santa Cruz de Tenerife