Turandot (Puccini)

19 March 2019
23 March 2019

The Far East is the setting chosen by Puccini for what turned out to be his posthumous work. His last composition was so beautiful that many of its arias, including ‘Nessun dorma’, ‘In questa reggia’ and ‘Signore, ascolta’, have become popular beyond the opera stage and are part of our musical culture. The unfinished work of the Tuscan composer is based on a Persian poem and tells the story of the cruel Princess Turandot, who vowed to wed only the man who could resolve three riddles set by her. Suitors who failed the task would be killed. A succession of challenges, promises and vengeances lead to a surprising happy ending not written by Puccini himself.

Turandot (Puccini)
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