Product: Turismo Médico

MBestcare is an agency that specialises in sustainable experiences that focus on the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of their clients. Their mission is “to help and to care with dedication” for all those people who want to enjoy holidays that are refreshing and revitalising.

Their programmes, designed by a team of scientists, help people to learn to care for themselves, relax and savour local products through a diet put together by top experts in nutrition and neuroscience. All this with accommodation in tranquil and elegant surroundings. In addition, clients can add other excellent services to their programmes, including cultural visits, traditions, history of the area, and so on.


  • MBestmind&OptImmune: comprehensive and integral programme with elements that have a bearing on the physical, emotional and spiritual spheres.
  • Mindfulness programme: includes stress management workshops, full attention meditation, specialised massages and deep relaxation practices to recover balance in the mind and body.
  • Chi Kong and forest baths programme: to go deeper into awareness of the body and mind through Chi Kong practices.
  • Yoga programme: specialised retreats for yoga practitioners, adapted to each client's level, and the option to practice with therapeutic design.
  • Emotional detoxification programme: in this programme users will gain understanding, awareness and tools to help manage their emotional life.
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