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Which place to visit

For an unforgettable holiday in Tenerife
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All the tourist areas of Tenerife: Tenerife Sur (Tenerife South), Puerto de la Cruz-La Orotava Valley, Isla Baja and Santa Cruz -La Laguna in the north are all great places to enjoy an unforgettable holiday and will satisfy even the most demanding visitor. Thanks to the short distances on the island there is no problem staying in one area and being able to visit and enjoy the others.

Southern Tenerife has the greatest number of hotels and apartments and the most sunshine. It also has some fantastic beaches and a range of leisure options that are difficult to beat.

Puerto de la Cruz - Orotava Valley is another important tourist area located in the north of the island. The tourist town of Puerto de la Cruz offers a great range of facilities and attractions in the heart of the Orotava Valley, an area famed for its exceptional climate and scenery.

Accommodation in the Isla Baja area, known as "The Secret of Tenerife," mainly consists of small, charming hotels and "casas rurales" (rural houses) set in beautiful surroundings, an excellent base for doing outdoor activities.

Santa Cruz - La Laguna, the main metropolitan area of Tenerife, combines history, culture, shopping, nature, coast, beaches and swimming areas: everything from two dynamic European cities with a Latin feel.

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Tourist areas in Tenerife:

Isla Baja
Puerto de la Cruz - Valle de la Orotava
Santa Cruz - La Laguna
Tenerife Sur