ACCESSIBLE TOURISM - Tips and useful info - Tenerife

Accessible Tourism

Public and private tourist areas in Tenerife are adapted for people with limited mobility
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Tenerife offers all kinds of options for spending your time on holiday, and this is also true for people with limited mobility. There are many establishments, public and private areas, like, beaches, theme parks, hotels, etc., which allow those with limited mobility to enjoy themselves. They can equally enjoy a few days of relaxation or fun: whether alone or accompanied; whether near the sea or in the countryside.

The Cabildo de Tenerife (Island Government) established the Sociedad Insular de Promoción de las Personas con Discapacidad (SINPROMI) (Society for the Promotion of Disabled People on the Island) in 1993, which attempts to integrate everyone into society. From its Web page, as well as from the page you can obtain information on access conditions to different facilities on the island. The analysis of each facility is given in terms of pedestrian route, transport infrastructure, entrances, lifts, inside the building, public toilets, accommodation, sports, leisure and meeting areas and restaurant services. The establishments with specially adapted facilities are in green; the ones that are practicable with help are in yellow; and inaccessible ones are in red. This information is given in Spanish and English.