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Apnea Academy West Europe

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The concept of the Apnea Academy started in 1994 in the hands of the former apnea world champion, Umberto Pelizzari. Having been introduced to Spain, to be exact in Tenerife, by the sportsman, Paco González Castro (who competed in the apnea world championships between 1999 and 2010), it is the fifth and final Umberto Pelizzari school. Apnea Academy West Europe is also home to the Municipal Aquatic School of Adeje.

The school offers personalised activities to small groups, which is a key differentiating element; its exclusivity. The centre has several boats, which gives the customer the opportunity to choose the kind which is best suited to his or her needs. It is possible to choose a sailing boat, a catamaran, semi-rigid craft of different sizes (either 6.50 m or 7.05 m in length) or the Opera60, of 20 metres' length, of which there are only 10 in the world, with its characteristic style of minimalist luxury.


• Apnea courses for qualifications at six different levels at Apnea Academy International, in which the materials, transport in the boats, training at Tenerife Top Training, etc. are included.

• Diving courses for all levels as well as outings by boat to practice at locations which are unique in Europe.

• Underwater photography course.

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