Canarias en Ruta

Canarias en Ruta specialises in guided tours and visits with original themes which seek to show the historical, artistic, cultural and ethnographic heritage of the different places in the Canary Islands.

Different themes including the main historical characters of each place give form to these original and unique routes which will make a walk during your holiday an exciting and enjoyable adventure.

The tours enable guests to discover the secrets of the Freemasons in La Orotava, the origins of the city of La Laguna, the mysteries surrounding the creation of the sculptures of Puerto de la Cruz and many hidden stories from the history of the Islands.


Themed routes

Unique and unusual itineraries which will enable you to get to know the least known facts and stories about each destination.

• Route: Freemasonry in La Orotava

• Route: The paths of Pinolere (La Orotava)

• Route of the Windmills (La Orotava)

• Route: The carpets, the fiesta of the flowers (La Orotava)

• The route of fire (Garachico)

• Urban Art (Puerto de la Cruz)

• “Jets of water and fire” (Puerto de la Cruz)

• “The Cross, the tree that becomes green again” (Puerto de la Cruz)

• Nelson Counterattacks (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

• “The secrets of La Laguna”

• Sounds of air, fire and earth (San Juan de la Rambla)

Tourist routes

The best option for your first contact with the destination. Brief guided tours to capture the essence of each location.

• Route “A historical walk around Puerto de la Cruz”

• Route “La Orotava, the town of humanity”


They also create tailor-made routes for all kinds of groups: schools, associations, public bodies, congresses, families, etc.

*Activities in Spanish, English, German and French.

* Visits to the historical districts of any town in the Canaries.

Official tourist guides

Outsourcing of services, design of itineraries and diffusion.

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