Lhorsa Rutas

Lhorsa Rutas is not just any tour company. It is like holding the key to the history of the Canary Islands.

The staff offer a single tour for both holidaymakers and the local people, so that all their products are the same whether supplied to tourists or to the local inhabitants. Our own team of art historians gives Lhorsa Rutas the basic rigour necessary to create experiences to be enjoyed with all the senses. Experiences which bring you closer to the cultural heritage of the Canary Islands:

The options include musical, theatrical and literary tours… unique resources to show what the Canary Islands have to offer. The slogan is: "The details set us apart". And the proof is that anybody who takes one of these tours will come back again, and again.
 - Themed tours + a linked lunch or dinner

- Mystery tours (100% serious, no fantasy)

- Musical tours

- Theatrical tours

- Literary tours

- VIP tours

- VIP Visits to historical buildings

- Virtual tours (via videoconference)
C/ Los Molineros, s/n - Casa del Emprendedor P. I. - La Gañanía 38410 LOS REALEJOS