Lázaro González de Ocampo

Lázaro González de Ocampo was born in Güímar in 1651 and is the author of a vast repertoire of religious sculptures that can be found on display all over the Island. However, two of his most noteworthy works have sadly disappeared: El Cristo de Burgos, which was carved in 1680 for the Augustinian monastery in La Laguna, and the altarpiece for the Dominican monks of Candelaria. Yet the essence of that altarpiece lives on in the main altarpiece of the parish church of La Concepción in La Orotava and in that of the Hermandad de Mareantes of Nuestra Señora de la Peña de Francia in Puerto de la Cruz. In the early 18th century, the work of Lázaro González saw an upturn in terms of quality and quantity as he embraced the Baroque style and conferred his creations with more freedom and movement. During that time he produced such noteworthy pieces as San Matías which was made for the parish of La Encarnación de la Victoria in Acentejo, and Santa María Magdalena, which is currently on show in the parish church of La Concepción in Santa Cruz.