Canarian wrestling

A traditional sport in the Canary Islands

Canarian wrestling is the most popular local sport in Tenerife. This wrestling sport is governed by rules and the aim is for the wrestlers to prove their strength and skill with each "grab" so as to make their rival touch the ground with any part of the body other than their feet. A great many clubs and teams take part in the various competitions that are held all over the Island during the year, and there are also female teams.

As a legacy from the Guanche culture dating from before the Castilian conquest of the Island, Canarian wrestling is still very much alive today as a very popular sport.

The competitions take place in modern, covered rings known as "terreros", with the most important events broadcast on TV. Although there are individual contests, Canarian wrestling is essentially a team sport in which skill is more important than strength, as rightfully expressed in the words of the folk song by Los Sabandeños: "the little one won, the big one lost".