PORK RIBS WITH POTATOES AND CORN ON THE COB - Recipes and dishes - Tenerife

Pork ribs with potatoes and corn on the cob

Traditional recipe in Tenerife
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This dish is a relatively modern addition to our cooking, but whose success here has been extraordinary. However, it is not a recipe that has often gone beyond the borders of the island of Tenerife and when it has, it has not met with the same success despite its simple preparation.
Preparation: In a saucepan full of water, boil the ribs (previously desalted in fresh water the night before) and the cobs of corn, which should be cut into medium width slices.

After about half an hour, add the peeled potatoes and boil until cooked. Drain off the water and serve in a dish accompanied by a bowl of coriander sauce with oil and vinegar, so that each guest can season it to their taste.

Other details
2 kg of salted pork ribs
4 or 5 cobs of corn, depending on the size
Approximately 2 kg of potatoes
Mojo verde (Canarian Green sauce)