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Mirlo Positive Nature is a sustainability initiative which offers the possibility of leaving a positive footprint in the world. We offer three ways of doing so: the first consists of purchasing basic packages denominated “positive nature”.

These packages are contributions for the purpose of carrying out an environmental project which makes the environmental impact of the daily activities of each person, such as his/her consumption of electricity, the emissions from his/her vehicle, etc., positive. The first project consists of a reforestation to bring back the woodlands in the Orotava Valley.

It is possible to increase the positive impact by using the premium options. These are products and services prepared by people in the area of the project in which the client discovers and experiences real produce, such as the enjoyment of the traditional floral honey of the island, getting to know how the straw lofts of La Orotava were built or tasting the wines of Tenerife. In this way, he/she contributes to local development while increasing his/her positive footprint.

Mirlo Positive Nature offers other options. Including new projects of a positive nature or participating on the social networks to bring added value to the project.

Take a look at our website: http://mirlo.co/es/ and change your world. Become a Mirlo.

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