AUDITORIO DE TENERIFE ADÁN MARTÍN - Filming Permits - Tenerife Film Commission

Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín

A daring, provocative and avant-garde location
auditorio de tenerife
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The image of the Auditorio de Tenerife is copyright, so any use of this image in any format will require a permit.
Applications must be made in writing and sent by email:

The fees, only for commercial purpose, are the following:

  • Photographic work (one day) 1,500 euros.
  • Photographic work (two days) 2,000 euros 
  • Photographic work (three days) 2,500 euros 

  • One day of filming 1,800 euros.
  • Two days of filming 2,500 euros.
  • Three days of filming 3,000 euros.

If you the production requires the use of dressing rooms or other interior areas the corresponding hire fee must be added.

• 20% discount for Canarian production companies.

For more information: Tel. 922 56 86 00