Bat Pat 2

TV cartoon series

The series follows the fun adventures of Bat Pat and the siblings Silver, Martin, Leo and Rebecca as mysteries unfold and they come up against terrible creatures of the night that lurk in every corner of Fogville – a small village the appears to be at the heart of everything strange in the world.

A range of creepy and adorable characters, the eccentric inhabitants of the city and, of course, Bat Pat – the adorable talking bat – will show that the supernatural is not always evil, but simply misinterpreted. Our heroes will reach an understanding that gives a unique twist to the series: the supernatural “baddies” are not really evil, but normal people whose actions are misunderstood by most of the inhabitants of Fogville.


Technical sheet
  • Original title Bat Pat 2
  • Producer Atlantyca/Mondo TV Canarias
  • Producer year 2020
  • Production Services Mondo TV Studios
  • Country Spain
  • Producer type TV series