Campamento Newton

Adventure and science fiction series

While trying to escape from a powerful government agency, Hoshi – a space explorer who has arrived on Earth from the planet Tenek - loses control of his spaceship and ends up in Camp Newton – a summer camp for children with a passion for science. The alien uses his powers to transform into Blas and remain hidden from his pursuers. After the initial scare, Sara, Álex, Óliver, Julia Sierra and Andy start a gang with Hoshi to help him get his spaceship back and return to his planet.


Technical sheet
  • Original title Campamento Newton
  • Producer Secuoya Studios, Dopamine y Álamo Audiovisual 12 en asociación con Avi Films, con la participación de Disney Channel. Production Services: Festeam Comunicación y Eventos
  • Producer year 2021
  • Country Local
  • Producer type TV series
  • Director David Martínez junto a Álamo Audiovisual 12 y Dopamine
  • Cast Eva Marciel, Ava Salazar, Julia Serra, Yanai Cruz, Manuel Baldé, Adrián Checa, Hugo Morenilla e Iratxe Emparán