Television series with a week's shooting on Tenerife for its first and second season (2018 and 2020).

Candela is a female judge who has just been sent to El Hierro, the remotest island in the Canaries. It will not be easy for Candela to adapt to the life of a community which, like herself, has a strong personality. In fact, she has been sent there as a punishment for her heterodox behaviour.

As soon as she arrives on the island, Candela has to try a complicated case: Fran, a young man from El Hierro, is found murdered on the same day that he was going to marry the daughter of Díaz, a shady businessman who immediately becomes the main suspect. Candela and Díaz are on opposite sides of the law but they have a common objective: to discover the truth about the crime. They both start along a physical and emotional path, … a path to Hell which begins in Paradise.

Technical sheet
  • Original title Hierro
  • Producer Movistar+ coproducida con Portocabo, la francesa Atlantique Productions y la cadena ARTE France
  • Producer year 2018
  • Country Spain
  • Producer type TV series
  • Cast Juan Carlos Vellido,Mónica López, Yaiza Guimaré, Kimberley Tell, Luifer Rodríguez, Mari Carmen Sánchez y Antonia San Juan