La historia de Lila

Animated short film co-produced in Tenerife and Iceland


One cold winter´s night a sheepdog called Lila, a goat called Ima and flock of young sheep start to follow an exceptionally bright star that illuminates the sky.

Anda so begins a journey that will forever change their lives. A young angel girl, Patchcoat, accompanies them. The star leads them to a small, humble town. Together Lila, Ima and Patchcoat share the fears, joys and sorrows along the way. An animated fairy tale of 26 minutes an aesthetics inspired by the frescoes of the 11th century Italian painter Giotto. The script by Jaana Wahlforss is based on the novel Certain Poor Shepherds by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas.​​


Technical sheet
  • Original title La historia de Lila
  • Producer La Mirada-Epidem
  • Producer year 2018
  • Country Spain
  • Producer type Short films