The Steam Engines of Oz

Canadian co-production with Tenerife studio 3 Doubles Producciones

A century ago, a Kansas farm girl and her strange companions defeated an evil witch, setting the Emerald City on a righteous patch, then she clicked her heels three minutes to return home. But, time passes, heroes fall from grace, and the wheels of progress have a way of crushing those who are stand in their path. In a world of flying monkeys, mechanical Munchkins, witches, and roving gangs of fang-toothed furies, it is up to the young Victoria Wright to set things on a better path. Armed only with her know-how and a small band of loyal friends, she'll be off to see what wicked things lie ahead. With wrench in hand she'll try and turn back the gears that are grinding her happy home into something much darker.​​​​
Technical sheet
  • Original title The Steam Engines of Oz
  • Producer Arcana Studios y 3 Doubles Producciones
  • Producer year 2017
  • Country Local
  • Director Sean Patrick O' Reilly