Mamá o papá

Feature film shot in Madrid and Tenerife

Flora and Víctor are perfect parents - modern, fun and loving - but everything takes a turn for the worst when they decide to get divorced and both of them are given the work opportunity of a lifetime, which they could never have taken because of having a family and deciding to fully devote themselves to looking after their children: Víctor heading up his own architecture studio and Flora travelling to Africa as a volunteer medic.

Alexia, Sara and Juan have to endure the titanic efforts of their parents to convince them that living alone with either of them would be hell. The couple will fight tooth and nail to AVOID GETTING CUSTODY of their three children and therefore be able to achieve their dream professional goals. So, by order of the judge, the children will have to decide who they'll stay with - Mum or Dad. Neither parent is willing to give in. From that moment on, the former perfect spouses are engaged in a war in which there will be no truce… but is all fair in love and war?


Technical sheet
  • Original title Mamá o papá
  • Producer Atresmedia Cine (en colaboración con Buendía Estudios), Warner Bros. Entertainment España, Álamo Producciones Audiovisuales y Alamo Audiovisual Séptima Parte AIE
  • Producer year 2020
  • Production Services River Flow Pictures
  • Country Spain
  • Producer type Feature film
  • Cast Miren Ibarguren, Paco León, Sofía Oria, Laura Quirós, Iván Renedo, Ester Expósito, Berto Romero, Eva Ugarte, Miquel Fernández, Pedro Casablanc, Julián Villagrán, Alberto Casado.