Two weeks' shooting on Tenerife

Alex and Selma are a couple who are very much in love who go to the heart of Bosnia-Herzegovina. When their car gets bogged down in the middle of the forest, they decide to walk to the nearest village to get help… On the way, Selma –a Muslim survivor of the Balkan War-, begins to suspect that a mysterious force is following them. Alex –a young European who is confident and happy-, tries to get her to get this mad idea out of her head. But Selma constantly clutches her Muslim amulet, her “hamalija”, causing the mysterious force to come out of the forest.

MAUS was sponsored by the Cannes Film Festival through the Next Step programme after it was selected by the Semaine de la Critique in 2014.

Technical sheet
  • Original title Maus
  • Producer Apaches Enterteinment, Virtual Contenidos, Dynamite Films, M A U S La película AIE.
  • Producer year 2017
  • Country Spain
  • Producer type Feature film
  • Director Yayo Herrero
  • Photo Shooting Rafael Reparaz
  • Cast August Wittgenstein,Alma Terzic,Aleksandar Seskan,Sanin Milavic,Diana Fernández,Ion Gutta,Ella Jazz