El mejor verano de mi vida

Shot in Tenerife

This is a film which is full of humour, irony and tenderness, a family film with some very important social values; it is the journey of a man from selfishness to solidarity and integrity, and it is also the definitive encounter of a father and his son, who love and support each other with humour and tenderness.  ​​

Technical sheet
  • Original title El mejor verano de mi vida
  • Producer year 2017
  • Country Spain
  • Producer type Feature film
  • Director Daniel de la Orden
  • Cast Zacarías Martínez
  • Photo Shooting Valentín Álvarez
  • Cast Leo Harlem,Alejandro Serrano,Toni Acosta, Maggie Civantos,Isabel Ordaz,Stephanie Gil, Jordi Sánchez,Gracia Olayo,Arturo Valls,Salva Reina,Antonio Dechent,Silvia Abril,Ricardo Castella,Mariam Hernández, Berto Romero,Juana Cordero y Nathalie Seseña.