Soñando con alas

Nature documentary shot in Tenerife

“Soñando con Alas” tackles a growing worldwide phenomenon, in which peoples with totally differing lives, living in very different places feel a common passion for watching and studying birds. Women and men for which birds make a purpose in life. A story around a passion, becoming a real obsession for many of them. A story of people crazy about nature barely told so far. A film that tells us about birds through those who dream of wings. Five stories occurring in different places in Spain that have a common link: the passion for birds. A story about bird freaks. ​​

Technical sheet
  • Original title Soñando con alas
  • Producer Birding Canarias (Juan José Ramos Melo y Yurena Fernández)
  • Producer year 2019
  • Country Spain
  • Producer type Documentary
  • Director Juan José Ramos Melo and Germán Pinelo