The Treasure Trekkers

Children's comedy and animation series

The Treasure Trekkers is a new comedy-action series for kids. Our three heroes, Mo, Mac, and Mip, are eager new agents at the famed Quest Ventures hidden within a secret building called the Mouseum. Trained in the exclusive Treasure Trekkers Division of QV, their mission each week is to find and save precious treasures all over the world, whenever they are lost, threatened, stolen, or fall into the wrong hands. Carrying Action Packs, filled with cool high-tech Gadgets and Gear, these Treasure Hunters work as a team, unlocking puzzles, deciphering mysterious codes, and unearthing rare artifacts. But as they navigate their thrilling adventures, these three friends also must navigate their own wildly different natures and discover the Treasure Trekker truth: the world’s greatest treasures are inside each of us! ​​​​

Technical sheet
  • Original title The Treasure Trekkers
  • Producer TT Productions
  • Producer year 2019
  • Production Services B Water Animation Studios
  • Country Rest of Europe
  • Producer type TV series