Drone services

Aeromedia is specialised in drone and cablecam services. Our drones can carry all types of cameras available in the market plus accessories. We also have drones with integrated cameras that can shoot in cinemaDNG and 6K.

Our company is one of the few operators in Spain that is authorized by AESA [Spanish Aviation Safety Agency] to fly in controlled traffic regions (CTR) and at night. This is particularly important as most of the islands are in CTR space.

Aeromedia has thousands of flying hours and professionals of unrivalled experience in the sector as they have taken aerial shots with drones and cablecam in more than 40 national and international series and films.

Aeromedia has the best human resources, RPAS official pilots with wide experience in commercials and films as well as in industrial and corporate videos, live TV broadcasts, sports, and cultural events.​

Other services
TV Series and Feature films in the Canary Islands:
  • Series Hierro for Movistar.
Commercials in mainland Spain:
  • Comparte el sabor de Fanta.
  • Ellas la gran fuerza de la naturaleza "Iberdrola".
  • Jamones El Pozo.
  • Estrella Damm.
  • Lotería de Navidad.
  • San Miguel 0´0.
  • Vivamos como gallegos "Gadis".
  • Subaru Outback RK.
  • 25 aniversario salvamento marítimo.
  • El correo gallego.
  • Pepsi.
  • Transportes Alsa.
  • Gas natural FenosaBear.
  • Pull Bear.
  • Estrella Galicia.
  • TV Series and feature films in mainland Spain:
    • Series 30 monedas for HBO.
    • Series El Ministerio del tiempo for TVE.
    • Series Enemigo intimo for Netfilx.
    • Series Fariña for Netfilx.
    • Series Hasta el cielo.
    • Series La unidad for Movistar.
    • Series Las chicas del cable for Netfilx.
    • Series Neboa for TVE.
    • Series La zona for Movistar.
    • Series O sabor das Margaridas.
    • Series Vivir sin permiso.
    • Series Hospital valle norte.
    • Series Élite for Netfilx.
    • Series Tiempos de guerra for Atresmedia.
    • Series Serramoura for TV Autonómica Galicia.
    • Feature film Lo que arde.
    • Feature film Auga Seca TV Autonómica Galicia.
    • Feature film A quien hierro Mata.
    • Feature film Lobos y cordeiros.
    • Feature film Lo dejo cuando quiera.
    • Feature film La sombra de la Ley.
    • Feature film Lobos sucios.
    • Feature film La historia de Juan.
    • Feature film El verano que vivimos.
    • Feature film Si yo fuera rico.
    • Feature film El intercambio.
    • Documentary Blue Planet for the BBC.
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