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Monkey Pilot

Hire of drones for aerial images on Tenerife, Canary Islands
Monkey Pilot
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Monkey Pilot makes the aerial recordings with cutting-edge equipment. Created for digital cinema, the DII Inspire 2 drone achieves its maximum speed of 94 km/h in little more than five seconds.
With carbon fibre optics and a Super 35mm sensor which is competitive with those of such cameras as Arri or Red, the Dji Zenmuse X7 camera offers fourteen dynamic ranges and is capable of recording 6K Raw, 5,2K in Prores 422 and4K in Prores 4444. Thanks to this it is not necessary to place the camera for shooting on the drone, which means better use of your time and production resources.
The transmission system makes it possible to have the on-board FPV camera and the main camera live simultaneously in order to achieve better collaboration between pilot and cameraman with which he/she can supervise the shot in real time or take control of the focus.


​​ Advertising campaigns:
  • Campaign of season-ticket holders of CB Canarias.
  • MAC Mutual Insurance Company.
  • Hotel Botánico.
  • Anthem of CD Tenerife.
Television Programmes
  • "Echappées Belles" FRANCE 5.
  • "Haciendo Amigos" RTVC
  • "Abriendo puertas" RTVC.
Sports events :
  • Camion GP –FIA European Championship of Truck Races at the Jarama and Ricardo Tormo (Cheste) circuits.
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Monkey Pilot

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Monkey Pilot

C/ Iriarte, 28 38004 santa cruz de tenerife

Tel.: 0034 666 54 74 15