On the air drones

Rent and service of drones in the Canary Islands


Professionals with more than 25 years of experience in national and international commercials, film and series.

They are registered operators by the Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea [Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency]. Restless, decisive and passionate about filmmaking, they are ready to share a new perspective and suggest aerial solutions.

Other services
    Latest work in the Canary Islands:

    ​​​​Commercials :

    • CUPRA ATECA. Production Co: Puente Aereo Films. Director INOCUO.
    • ADIDAS. Production Co: SUR Films. Director: Sara Chatfield
    • ARMANI SS20. Production Co: Blackstone Films. Director: Gavin Thurston
    • NOSTROMO. Production Co: Boudika Productions. Director: Giovanni Consoni
    • JAGUAR. Production Co: Vagabond. Director: Lino Russell
    • TUI. Production Co: Falca. Director: Kalle Gustafsson
    • MERCEDES BENZ Production Co: Vagabond. Director: Aldona Kwiatkowski
    • MANGO. Production Co: Tarifa Prod. Director: Gus & Lo
    • Der Vakantie Discounter. Producer: Mamma Team. Director: Pep Bosch
    • Europcar. Production Co: La Gaveta. Director: Eduardo Cubillo
    • H&M. Production Co: Shoot Canarias. Director: Chirs Brown
    • Mango. Production Co: Shoot Canarias. Director: Gustavo López
    • Camp Claude “Now That You Are Gone”. Production Co: Shoot Canarias. Director: Maia Flore & Diane Sagnier
    • MERCEDES BENZ. Production Co: SONDA Productions
    • PIRELLI. Production Co: Blackstone Films. Director: Alberto Accetulli
    • BENTLEY. Production Co: Vagabond. Director: Marc Bethke (shot in Barcelona)
    • DR WHO SERIES. Production Co: BBC / SUR FILMS. Director: Lee Haven Jones
    • KAMIKAZE. Production Co: Profile Pictures/ HBO. Service: Sur Film
    • “Song Für Mia”. Production Co: CONSTANTINE TV/Blackstone. Director: Mira Thiel
    • ¨Some like it cold 2”. Production Co: Blackstone Films
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