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Birding Canarias

Production company specialised in the environment, nature and ecotourism in Tenerife, Canary Islands.
Birding Canarias
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Environmental services company specialised in ecotourism, environmental communication and biodiversity conservation that uses audiovisual production as a tool.

They are specialised in environment, nature and ecotourism documentaries, commercials, and films. All their works highlight the relationship between humankind and nature as the focal point of the narrative.

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​​Latest works:
  • Islas Salvajes, las olvidadas del Atlántico (2015) directed by Juan José Ramos and Germán Pinelo. Documentary.
  • Soñando con alas. Una historia de locos por las aves (2019) directed by Germán Pinelo and Juan José Ramos. Documentary.
  • Who is Vilayta directed by Gérmán Pinelo (2019). Documentary short.
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Birding Canarias

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Birding Canarias

C/ Doctor Jordán, 11 38470 los silos

Tel.: 0034 651 32 02 81