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Agency and production company


This agency and production company with its headquarters in Berlin, Tenerife and Gran Canaria has been operational since 2009. It offers production services for the creative industries, managing locations, permits, hire of production materials and lighting equipment as well as contracting for catering. They represent professionals in the departments of art direction, photographic direction (DOP), wardrobe, hairdressing and make-up. They also coordinate castings.

They also support the artistic creation of independent international artists who work in the industries of fashion, editing, film and advertising. They dedicate the same attention to detail and care to large productions and to more independent projects.

Together with emergent artists who give a very personal and radical view, they have this year started working as a representation agency.

  • Kreativagentur.
  • Produktionsagentur.
  • Verleih von Fotoausrüstung - TV und Kino.
  • Produktionsfirma.
  • Serviceproduzent.
Other services
    Most recent productions:
    TV & Advertising:
  • “Destino Gran Canaria” Aurinkomatkat (FI).
  • “Informativos sobre destinos Lanzarote y Fuerteventura” Deutche Welle (DE).
  • Varios proyectos - ProSieben (DE).
  • “Ambrose Wilson” Spring & Summer 2019 (UK).
  • “Fagbevægelsens Hovedorganisation” - (DK).
  • “Landsorganisationen i Danmark" (LO) - (DK).
  • "Amelies Tiprunda" - Children Program SVT2 - Sunnanå Production / SVT (14 chapters SVT2 - SE).
  • "Más Fácil, Más Cerca" - 4 píldoras publicitarios TV - (ES).
  • BTS/Making-of - "Sanity" - Nick Murphy (Chet Faker) 2019 (Christiania Krueger - USA).
  • Music video - Nick Murphy (Chet Faker) "Sanity" 2019 - RiffRaff (UK).
  • “Gran Canaria” - Bravo Tours (DE).
  • “CANARY ISLANDS” - Jet2 Holidays - Chief (UK).
  • “Coloplast” - Advance A/S (DK).
  • "Maisa & Niko - Celebrity luxury vacation" - Reality Show (10 chapters - Vox FI).
  • Music video - DaTweekaz "Tequila" (BE).
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