Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Eduardo Westerdahl (MACEW)

The Eduardo Westerdahl Museum of Contemporary Art was created in 1953 by the most outstanding art critic of the 20th Century in the Canary Islands, Eduardo Westerdahl.

It began at the headquarters of the Institute of Hispanic Studies of the Canary Islands, which is the owner of the collection. It is currently housed in the Customs House in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife.

It was the first museum of contemporary art created in Spain, together with the previous Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art, in Madrid. It has a 20th-Century art collection, starting in 1934, with work by outstanding foreign, Spanish and Canarian artists: Eileen Agar, Karl Drerup, Will Faber, Gustav Gulde, Wolfgang Paalen, Luc Peire, Carla Prina, Tony Stubbing, Ángel Ferrant, Enric Planasdurá, Eduardo Úrculo, Maud Bonneaud, Óscar Domínguez, Pedro González, Juan Ismael, César Manrique, Manuel Millares,…


- Display of a permanent collection of 20th Century contemporary art

- Programmes of temporary exhibitions on art and culture

- Conferences, Lectures, Round Tables,…

- Presentations of Books, Catalogues,…

- Projections of Feature Films and Documentaries on art and culture

- Meetings with Artists and workshops

- Joint actions with the Institute of Hispanic Studies of the Canary Islands