TRADITIONAL MUSIC - Folklore - Tenerife

Traditional music

Isas, folías and malagueñas are the most popular musical rhythms
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Traditional Canarian music is the result of a number of cultural influences, both European and South American, that have enriched the islands throughout their history, not forgetting the aboriginal rhythms that still exist in traditional music on the island. However, the "isas, folías and malagueñas" are definitely the most well known rhythms in Canarian folk music. In Tenerife, there are a large number of folk groups that perform at fiestas and romerias (religious processions.)

It is also quite common for local people to gather "de parranda" where they improvise songs and music around the table while enjoying a good meal.

Traditional music can be divided into three different genres. The first includes the oldest rhythms: romantic songs, laments, working songs, farming songs and many others. The 18th century genre includes the traditional Canarian country dancing music, such as "folías, malagueñas, saltonas, tanganillos and isas." Finally, the modern genre covers the polkas, mazurkas and even Cuban rhythms.