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The Descent of the Beech Trees

The Descent of the Beech Trees
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This ceremony takes place in the village of La Guancha in mid August as part of the celebrations in honour of the patron saint, Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza. Hundreds of locals dressed in typical attire take to the hills in search of beech branches. Once gathered, they are taken back to the village to adorn the streets ready for the procession in honour of the saint.

The ceremony originated from a sort of pilgrimage in which local residents who owned load-bearing livestock would venture into the hills to collect beech branches and bring them back to decorate the procession streets and the village square. The procession currently follows the same route and still features the same halts that the pilgrims used to make on the way, where locals are now invited to stop for a drink and some local products as they parade along the streets.

  • Where: La Guancha.
  • When: On the second Saturday in August.
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The Descent of the Beech Trees

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