Bodegón el Barranquillo

Restaurant in La Orotava

The El Barranquillo restaurant is an obligatory meeting point for those who appreciate local produce, fresh Tenerife pork and good local wine. The meat comes from a family-run pig farm where the Canarian white pig is raised in facilities which satisfy all health requirements and which are constantly supervised by a team of vets and other professionals.

The wine is home made, cultivated in the area of Las Suertes in the Orotava Valley. The restaurant has its own wine-press and wine-cellar and has the help and advice of a team of wine experts who contribute to making the wine so smooth and full-bodied. El Barranquillo's culinary speciality is grilled pork and chicken although the cod in onions is equally tasty.

The restaurant has a team of professionals who give pleasant and friendly service, an atmosphere that is reinforced by the welcoming nature of the dining room which is decorated in country fashion so as to make the diners feel entirely at home.

There is room for large groups, tables for couples and even for those dining alone. The dining-room is sufficiently private for any diner to feel relaxed. For those who prefer fresh air, there is an outside terrace on which you can smoke as well as, of course, drink, eat, and simply have a good time.


  • Karbonade van Canarisch zwart varken
  • Bichillo (verse varkenshaas)
  • Secreto (varkensfilet)
Carretera General La Perdoma, 37 38315 LA OROTAVA