Cristóforo Formación Alternativa

An atmosphere of beauty and harmony

Hacienda Cristóforo occupies an area of 7,000 square metres. It comprises a group of houses of different sizes, three activity rooms, a pond, a farm and an organic and dynamic market garden in the middle of landscaped spaces with waterfalls and fountains.

The entire area is situated in a beautifully-landscaped setting and harmoniously synthesises the four elements of earth, air, water and light. The materials used are wood, stone and clay. There is a cheerful and helpful human team.

About fifty years ago, the energy of this piece of land inspired its creators (the architect, Denis Devaris, therapists and craftsmen) to create a space devoted to finding oneself and personal growth.

Hacienda CRISTÓFORO is a haven for any visitor who is looking for peace and tranquillity or for groups wishing to carry out their activities in therapy and personal growth, aiding development and spiritual awakening with a conscious awareness, without any kind of artificial stimulants.

Hacienda Cristóforo is the headquarters of the Rudolf Steiner Cristóforo Arts, Agriculture, Education and Complementary Therapy Society (Association Registration number G1/S1/7609-86/TF of the Canary Islands Government since 1986). All contributions are donations for the purposes of this not-for-profit association.​


Activities that are available to members of the association and the public

  • Waldorf School “La Ovejita de Lana”
  • Consultations and complementary therapies
  • Artistic therapies and workshops
  • Regular classes, workshops, intensive courses, retreats and seminars
  • Lectures and talks
C/ El Horno. Bajada a Playa Paraíso, 10 38678 ADEJE