Bach Care

Product: Turismo Médico

Bach Care is a cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation centre with the most advanced technology in diagnostic imaging and the first medical scanner with spectral detection in Spain, together with the best international team of specialists.

Bach Care's goal is to help people give more life to their lives through a comprehensive approach based on complete diagnosis and behavioural interventions in an exclusive environment. With an innovative model that combines medical science and technology with therapeutic architecture, gastronomy and luxury wellness, the company is committed to going one step further in the world of integral mind-body care to add more life to life.


Bach Care Abama programmes:

1) Life Program. It is aimed at healthy people who want to know their cardiovascular health and have the keys to prevent possible heart diseases.

2) Sportsmen and Sportswomen Program. Exclusively for active athletes who want to perform at their best without any risk.

3) Program for companies and corporations. Aimed at companies and organisations that value the physical and mental well-being of their employees as a basis for growth.

4) Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. Designed to raise awareness and educate people who have overcome cardiovascular disease and help them adopt the appropriate lifestyle habits and maintain them throughout their lives. ​

Carretera General TF-47, Km 9 38108 GUIA DE ISORA