Clínica & Centros Médicos Vida

Clínica & Centros Médicos Vida was founded over thirty-five years ago with the creation of a small medical centre in Puerto de la Cruz. Over time, it has given rise to a large, modern medical centre including others in different municipal districts on the Island. They all offer medical treatment of acknowledged prestige with the best private health care for residents and holidaymakers alike.

Clínicas Vida has nine medical centres around the Island and a clinic in the Orotava Valley. Its quality medical care, stable group of prestigious health professionals, advanced technology in diagnostic tests and superb attention to detail in treatment all make this company stand out from the rest. The centres also have multi-lingual staff who are particularly suited to caring for overseas visitors, offering health care with medical attention at your home or hotel.

Foremost among its many services and over thirty-five medical specialties are: family medicine, clinical tests and diagnostic tests, high resolution magnetic resonance, X-rays, scanners, lithotripsy, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and a dental clinic.