Tenerife Health Internacional Service (THIS)

Tenerife Health International Service is a platform of clinics and hospitals specialising in the organisation and promotion of health tourism on Tenerife. Its aim is to offer the highest quality services in all medical specialties.

The service options, as well as the experience of its professionals, have made THIS one of the most competitive options in Europe for improving the health of patients.

The basic pillars of our activities are: exclusive and personal attention, a broad network of centres, quality services and a competitive price.


- Medical tests

- Gynaecology and reproductive assistance

- Ophthalmology

- Traumatology

- Proctology

- Capillary, cardiovascular, plastic and digestive surgery and the treatment of obesity.

- Interventional cardiology

- Digestive medicine

- Neuro-surgery, Neurology

- Odontology

As well as its own web page, THIS has an online shop where patients can buy medical consultations, tests and diagnoses to improve their health in the best private centres on the island of Tenerife.​

C/ Pi y Margall, 31 38004 SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE