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BC-2: Monte de La Esperanza

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BC-2: Monte de La Esperanza
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It is a short route over a distance of 6,559 km. It is entirely within the protected scenery of Las Lagunetas and connects with Las Raíces.

It has a 3.6 km derived route that links to the La Esperanza campsite:

  • BC-2.1: La Esperanza campsite.

Route Code Route Name No. of km Percentage
BC-2 Monte de La Esperanza
6,559 3,49%
BC-2.1 La Esperanza campsite 3,601 1,91%
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La Matanza de Acentejo. Variable cloudiness on Friday morning. In the afternoon isolated showers will occur. At night 'there will be patchy drizzle. Temperatures will remain unchanged.
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BC-2: Monte de La Esperanza

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