Casa Rural El Cango

The rural accommodation known as El Cango, located in the south of Tenerife, owes its name to the street on which it is, Vera de Los Cangueros. It belongs to the village of Arico El Nuevo, declared a a Site of Historical Interest thanks to its high architectural value. It is a building of a single storey which is built around a central courtyard, which gives the house an airy and spacious feel. It is made up of a double room, a bathroom, a kitchen and a large living-cum-dining-room. This accommodation has, only two metres away, another large courtyard of local sandstone, which is typical of the area, with a private swimming-pool, a bathroom, a larder and a magnificent barbecue area. All these facilities will help you to enjoy the atmosphere and the peace of this southern village, as well as the islands' magnificent climate..


• Wi-Fi




C/ Vera los Cangueros, 10 - Arico el Nuevo 38589 ARICO