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III Sheraton La Caleta Golf Tournament

III-Sheraton-La Caleta-Golf-Tournament
III-Sheraton-La Caleta-Golf-Tournament


III Sheraton La Caleta Golf Tournament is about to start at Costa Adeje Golf Course in Tenerife South.

On May the 11th golfers have a date with these chriteria:

  • Cathegories: 1 female cathegory and 3 male cathegories.
  • Mode: Stable ford individual .

How much does it cost to take part in te tournament?

  • Players: 75€
  • Companion: 40€, including pize-giving ceremony and  gala dinner that players have included in their registration fees.

where can I register to play or attend to III Sheraton La Caleta Golf Tournament? 

At Costa Adeje Golf Course: 922 71 00 00

what are the prizes offered at III Sheraton La Caleta Golf Tournament? 

  • Two nights stay for two people in bed and breakfast basis with green fees included at Sheraton Algarve, and two other hotels of  the chain in Mallorca.
  • Dinner for 2 people at the following  restaurants: La Vieja and el Torito, in the South of Tenerife.
  • Helicopter flight for two people.
  • Two boat (round-trip) tickets to La Gomera.
  • Limousine ride for two people for Costa Adeje.
  • (Round-trip) flight tickets to another island and Lisbon.
  • Spa Treatments at  Hotel Sheraton La Caleta in Costa Adeje, and many more…

Lets talk no more, fill the registration form  so the best ones can enjoy these great prizes.

Aguamarina Golf Tournament 2013



If you are a regular or amateur golf player don’t miss your date  on May 18th al XV Aguamarina Golf Tournament.

Those interested in this great event must contact Golf del Sur to complete the registration or phone 922738170.

The price to take part at XV Aguamarina Golf  Challenge is 60€ and it includes:

  • Green Fee.
  • Cocktail.
  • Lunch.
  • Prize-giving ceremony

The modes for this Golf Challenge in the South in Tenerife are:

  • Stable ford individual
  • 18 holes round
  • RFGE complete Handicap

In addition following special prizes will be given:

  • Golf equipment
  • 2 flight tickets to France, and many others….

Tenerife Golf Tournaments 2013

These are the dates and Tournaments in Tenerife 2013 by Golf Course


Golf del Sur Tournaments 2013

Golf del Sur 2013 tournaments


  • June 23: Open Concept
  • June 26th: VII Tenerife – La Gomera circuit . Sandos San Blas Hotel Tournament
  • July 6th : I Foro amigos del Sur de Tenerife Tournament in aid of Spanish Cancer association #AECC
  • July 7th: VII Juvenil Tournament in Tenerife
  • August 10th: Open Concept
  • August 25: Chinyeros Tournament
  • September 14th: Amigolf ( Copa Presidente Fundraising Tournament in aid of Sonsoles Soriano Fundation)
  • September 22nd: Open Concept
  • October 5th: San Miguel Coast Tournament
  • October 12th: Amigolf 5th Tournament
  • October 26th: Play golf and get Jamón Serrano Tournament

Amarilla Golf Tournaments 2013

Amarilla Golf – Tenerife Sur


  • June 23: P&P Community Meeting
  • July 6th: Mr. Antonio Tavío Memorial Tournament
  • July 13th: Oasis FM Tournament
  • August 17th: Open Concept Tournament
  • August 25th: Youth Tournament
  • September 14th: John Lowe Classic
  • September 21st: Canal Plus II Circuit
  • September 24th: Interclub members
  • October 19th: XXIV Copa Presidente

Golf Las Americas Tournaments 2013

Tenerife – Golf Las Americas


Golf Costa Adeje Tournaments 2013

Costa Adeje Golf Course
  • July 27th: III Altoama Charity Golf Tournament
  • October 5th: Diario de Avisos Golf Tournament
  • October 9 – 12th: Spanish Seniors Golfers Association AESG

Tecina golf Tournaments 2013

La Gomera – Tecina Golf Course

Buenavista Golf Tournaments 2013

Tenerife – Buenavista Golf Course


  • June 15: Buenavista Golf Friends Tournament
  • June 16: Tenerife’s VII Youth Circuit
  • August 3rd: Seve Ballesteros Fundation Golf Challenge
  • August 31st: Audi – Canal Plus 2013 Circuit
  • September 14th: Isla Baja Tournament
  • October 26th: Buenavista Golf 10th Aniversary golf Tournament

Abama Golf Tournaments 2013

Tenerife – Abama Golf Course


  • August 24th: Tenerife – La Gomera Circuit 2013

If you need more information about Tenerife Golf Courses, their locations, services, nearby hotels, etc … simply click on Tenerife Golf. That information and many more if there for you