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We’ll be at the Berlinale and at Series Mania

TV series can enjoy our tax incentives

From 17 to 20 February, Tenerife Film Commission will be at the Berlinale’s European Film Market; and at Series Mania from 2 to 4 May, in the French city of Lille. Our aim is to keep on spreading the opportunities Tenerife offers for film shoots thanks to its excellent film production companies, its amazing wide range of locations and, of course, its tax incentives, among the most attractive in Europe.

TV series can also enjoy all these advantages. We’d love to meet with you and help to shoot your film on the Island. We’ll be at the ‘Canary Islands Film’ space in the Audiovisual from Spain stand (Berlinale, stand 24).

You can book an appointment writing to film@webtenerife.com or calling us on +34 647 346362.

More information always at Tenerife Film Commission website.


Quirino Awards

Registration for the Co-production Forum is now open

The first Quirino Latin American animation competition will be held from 6 to 8 April

Interested in taking part in the Quirino Awards co-production forum? You can make your provisional booking until 7 February and take part in B2B meetings, round tables, presentations on the state of the industry in Latin America we have put together to encourage co-production between studios and professionals on both sides of the Atlantic.

The awards are named after the creator of the first animation feature film, the Argentinean of Italian descent Quirino Cristiani, who in 1917 directed “El Apóstol”; an Argentinean production in which 58,000 hand-made drawings were used and shot in 35 mm, in addition to several scale models representing public buildings and the streets of Buenos Aires. His work was known even to Disney, who travelled to Argentina in 1941 for the premiere of “Fantasia”.

The Quirino Awards are sponsored by Turismo de Tenerife in collaboration with some of the major international animation events held in Latin America, like the Mexican Cuernavaca International Animation, Videogames and Comic Festival; the Spanish 3D Wire, International Animation, Videogames and New Media Market; and many other Latin American professionals.

More information at Quirino Awards website.


Tenerife Film Commission travels to you

We’ll be at San Sebastian Film Festival, 3D Wire, MIPCOM, MIP Cancun and Content London


While at San Sebastian Film Festival this year we’d like to invite you to the meeting “Learn about the new film aids and incentives in the Canary Islands” to be held on Monday 25 September at 12 noon at the Keler space. Under the promotional umbrella of Canary Islands Film you’ll learn all about the new incentives for both Spanish and foreign productions, the aids available for Canaries films, and you’ll also meet some of our producers and directors. Please confirm attendance in the following link.

In autumn we’ll also be at:

  • 3D Wire (Animation, Segovia, 5-8 October). Tenerife Film Commission will be at this professional market, the most important animation, video games and new media market in Spain and one of the top events in Europe.
  • MIPCOM (TV, Cannes, 16-19 October). Tenerife Film Commission will be there to meet TV series producers under the umbrella Canary Islands Film which is located at the Audiovisual from Spain stand (Riviera, R7.J11)
  • MIP Cancun (Animation and TV, Mexico, 15-17 November). With a view to exploring the Latin American animation market and promoting the Quirino Awards, Tenerife Film Commission is attending this TV market.
  • Content London (TV Series, London, 27-29 November). Tenerife Film Commission will be present at this event specialising in TV series and online platforms.
  • Focus. The meeting place for International Production (London, 5-6 December), where will be present through Canary Islands Film.

For a meeting contact us:

Concha Díaz


+34 647346462



Volcano’s feature films keep going

‘Desamparados’ and ‘Puenting’ were both directed by women


The documentary feature ‘Desamparados’, directed by María Cuenca and produced by Volcano Films, Ulula Films and O Camiño Films with the collaboration of Televisión Canaria, is still being screened. After premiering at TEA in February, it went to Seville (Plaza de Armas Shopping Centre Cinemas, in collaboration with the NGO Crecer con Futuro), and then on to Adeje Cultural Centre. On 20 September it will be screened in Fundación Caja Sol (Seville), and on 1 October in El Matadero, Madrid.

The experimental feature ‘Puenting’, directed by Bibiana Monje, is in the last stages of postproduction. The experiment in this film relies on there being no script during the pre-production stage, in the blending of film genres and in the experiences of the characters/actors during the shoot. The main topic is the responsibility of daring to get what one wants, a metaphor that is implied in the making of the film itself. It portrays the process and the characters’ reaction to the suggestion of “leaping into the void”, creating a reality half way between wakefulness and dream.

To know more about VOLCANO FILMS, click here.


Diptica Photography

A new photography studio in Tenerife



Diptica Photography Studio and agency has opened in Tenerife by photographer and director Emmanuel Avargués. With new and fully equipped facilities, they offer services in all the Canary Islands, working both in exteriors –land, sea and air- and in the studio for products, fashion, corporate and business features or still photography, at all times providing quality productions. The staff at Diptica speaks English, Spanish, French and German. One of the latest equipment purchased by the studio is the Ronin MX stabiliser.

For more information about DIPTICA PHOTOGRAPHY, click here.

Tenerife is now even more attractive to film producers

A 5% increase on the existing tax breaks for national and international productions shooting on the Island.


Tenerife is an ideal film location as on top of its excellent natural conditions and top-notch professionals, it also offers unique tax breaks which are not available outside the Canary Islands.  The new Budget Law has included an increase on these incentives which make the Island even more attractive to national and international producers.

According to the change the Act introduced on Corporate Income Tax, which came into effect on 1 January 2017, the new tax rebate for international productions is now at 40% (5% above the previous situation). Regarding national productions, the incentive goes up to 45 % on the first million Euros invested (as opposed to the previous 40 %) and 40% on excess expenditure (replacing the former 38%). Similarly the 50 % limit on aid received is now increased to 60 % for cross-border co-productions and 70% for films by new directors with a budget under one million Euros.

In both types of productions, the limit for creative staff is now at 100,000 € per person, replacing the former 50,000 € cap.

The norm also specifies that the SPVs will be regarded as producers provided that they are set up as an independent production company in compliance with the requirements in article 4.n of Law 55/2007, of 28 December, join the production before the end of the shooting and appoint an executive producer to carry out the production.

Tenerife, a natural film set

Tenerife goes from strength to strength as a film location. In 2016 a record figure of 116 national and international productions were shot on the Island, bringing 6.5 million Euros.

Tenerife Film Commission (TFC) gives producers advice on locations, permits and all other services they may need while shooting on the Island.

The island’s wide range of landscapes within a very short distance includes volcanic, subtropical, and urban areas plus the coastline and the sea, which can double for many different parts of the world. Technology, local film production companies, tax breaks plus an enviable climate allowing shooting in exteriors year round blend together to make Tenerife a top film location.

More info at http://www.webtenerife.co.uk/tenerifefilm/how-shoot/incentives/

film@webtenerife.com |+34 647 346 462

Bewateragency widens its customer base

As model agency and production services provider

Two Bewater models during the shooting for one of the most prestigious national hairdressers, José Boix. Photograph by Joa Rubio
Two Bewater models during the shooting for one of the most prestigious national hairdressers, José Boix. Photograph by Joa Rubio

Bewateragency was set up in 2015 with a clear strategy based on personalized top quality services. Their latest works include clients such as Hard Rock, Coca-Cola, the CIO group, Coco-Takumi Singapour, Salerm Cosmetics, Medavita, Turespaña or Richard Mosse.

T. 00 34 660 028 560

The series “Tiempos de guerra” and the film “Operación Concha” were shot in Tenerife

Miramar Media Entertainment took care of both productions in Tenerife


"Operación Concha" filming in Tenerife
“Operación Concha” filming in Tenerife


It is worth mentioning that all the heads of department of the shooting of “Operación Concha” in Tenerife are from the Canaries. This Spanish feature film, directed by Antonio Cuadri and produced by Abra Producciones and Miramar Media Entertainment, was shot on different locations in Tenerife for a week in April.

Rafael Castro was the art director, Eli Fernández the key make-up artist, and Roberta Martino the line producer.

Also in April, this company provided production services to the TV series “Tiempos de guerra” produced by Bambú Producciones for the Spanish TV channel Antena 3. This film was shot, among other locations, on El Correíllo, a wonderful period steam boat, moored in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

For further information, please contact:

T. 00 34 651 629 577