Tenerife eco Restaurant Plaza in La Laguna

Healthy  and organic food are increasingly demanded day by day in our society. That’s why we decided to mention Restaurante Plaza at Hotel Laguna Nivaria but opened to general customers and which menu are 100% organic. All the ingredients of all the dishes at Restaurant Plaza menu come from their own organic farm or from eco providers.

Organic Menu Restaurant Plaza Tenerife

These are the fab dishes found in the winter menu at Restaurante Plaza by Chef Stephane Jaumain

Warm salad 

Warm salad with king prawns – Restaurante Plaza – la Laguna

Price: 12,50€

Smoked  Canarian Cheese grilled with red fruits and pineapple sauces

Grilled Cheese & sauces – Hotel Laguna Nivaria organic menu


Sauces were brilliant, with “real” fruit taste and not too sweet. Divine

Price: 10€

Beef carpaccio with mature cheese and coriander oil

Beef Carpaccio – Restaurant Plaza – La Laguna


Price: 8,60€

Peppers filled with veges and grilled with hollandaise sauce

Vegetarian Dish – Restaurant Plaza

Veges were al dente. A Perfect vegetarian dish

Price: 8,50€

Smoked salmon on sweet potatoes and caper grilled with hollandaise sauce

Fish Dish – Restaurante Plaza


Organic Salmon, homely smoked, not dry at all. At the time to serve drops of beetroot sauce are found that matches so well with this dish, one of my favourites.


Foie Pate with caramelized in wine onions

Foie paté – Organic Menu

Personally I found the caramelized onions more than fantastic. The ones in red wine with a fruity tasty, crunchy texture and the ones in white wine so delicate. I have to confess I’m a fan of both. They were my Favourites.

Price: 12€


I’m sorry to say the three other people at my table didn’t give  me the chance to take a picture, but our sweet end included:

  • Belgium chocolate mousse
  • Quesillo
  • Tarte Tatin

We shared the dishes above between four people and amounts were plenty for us.


And after such  a glorious lunch, I went upstairs to practice something that should be a must, siesta, in my favourite suite at Hotel Laguna Nivaria. A very special Suite as it has  a special place with a jacuzzi that I really recommend you to book if you are staying in La Laguna.

Suite Nivaria


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