MUECA 2013 in Puerto De La Cruz – YEAH!

From my base at Hotel Beatriz Atlantis Spa, in Puerto de La Cruz I studied well MUECA 2013 programme to later enjoy a Spa session with views of the Teide and our magnificent Atlantic, enjoying the most of the (Flotarium) sensory isolation camera  and a  dry hidromassage, both absolutely new for me, I admit I’m not  a specialist in wellness and I have to say I left the Spa as a  new person reaady  to enjoy  the first  contact with MUECA 2013.

Hotel-Beatriz-Atlantis-Spa Puerto de la Cruz


After the relaxation, I went to Plaza de Europa to enjoy a dinner al-fresco tapas and Cañas at the price of €2 for both.

I chose Blanco Bar stall where super César, OMG! what is to take care of  a lot of people with  orders and without losing the smile, served:

  • Squid in batter,
  • grabanzas,
  • croquettes and
  • spring rolls. A

total cost  of €8 for  four tapas and their corresponding bear as a perfect dinner. Affordable and fast.

And then Mime for laughs, the best show mimic I have ever seen, by  Krosny, a genius of the pantomime and humor without words, which makes that the public  become part of the show. The  Polish Krosny is far away from the sad, nostalgic and melancholy of solo mime with white face and black clothes,  to approach everyone  to a performance of constant laugh and intelligent humor for all ages for  60 wonderful minutes where boredom has no place.

Krosny-Mueca-2013 Tenerife

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