Restaurant La Cupula at Hotel Jardines de Nivaria summer 2013 menu

From Restaurant La Cúpula at Hotel Jardines de Nivaria we have just received the new menu for summer 2013.

The great Chef Ruben Cabrera, who has also worked with Arzak and Mugaritz, between others, is in charge of  La Cupula’s kitchen from 2007 that has been lately  awarded with ” The best Hotel Restaurant” in the second edition of Qué Bueno Canarias.

Restaurant La Cupula summe 2013 menu

Tasting menu:

  •  Aperitif,
  • two starters,
  • fish,
  • meat,
  • two desserts ( of the chef choice)

Price: 52€



  • Cream of slowly grilled Canarian tomatoes.
  • Cold mango soup with Iberian bacon Chutney, green apple and grilled red peppers.
  • “Forrest” of wild and cultivated lettuce with flowers and creamed  beetroot seasoned with almond oil.
  • Fish ceviche with banana, avocado and red fruits.
  • Exotic Angus beef with creamed peanuts and chips of mixed rice and beetroot.
  • King crab with carrot puree flavoured with fennel, served with silver tallarines of Daicon radish
Starter – Restaurant La Cúpula – Hotel Jardines de Nivaria

Prices: From 6,50€ up to 29,50€


  • San Pedro Fishe breaded with sesame, served with grilled spring onion and lemon and sea-weed sauce.
  • Scallops grilled with special barbecue sauce.
  • wild sea bass cooked in Iranian Saffron, served with chayote and tomato puree.
  • Brittany sole on a light cream of red Swiss chard and Boletus mushrooms, topped with Choron sauce and Tokibo caviar
Summer 2013 La Cupula new menu

Price: From 20,50€ up to 33, 50€


Black canarian crispy suckling pig served with figs and fairy ring mushrooms.

wild duck on a bed of leek and potatoes with delicious almond and garlic jelly.

Esla Valley beef steak macerated with crystalized vegetables and flavoured with Sichuan flower.

Beef delicacy with Iberian bacon “caviar” spiced with olives.

Chateaubriand with green pepper sauce and vegetables ( 2 people)

Hotel Jardines de Nivaria summer menu at La Cupula restaurant

Prices: from 20,00€ up to 56,00€


Mandarin and Grand Marnier sorbet with mint ice chips

Sweet roll filled with Guava fruit yoghurt served with Macadamia and carrot delicacy

Temptation of mille – feuille with Mascarpone and Cardamom served on a bed of sweet apricot merengue

“Bonsai of my dreams”

Cheese selection

Price: from 7,00€ up to 12, 50€

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