Starry, starry night

Last week Tenerife hosted the European representatives of the new EU Sky Route project, whose main objective is to create different astro-tourism routes in the member countries. Taking part in this project, funded by the European Commission, and granted by the Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry of the Commission, are Tenerife, Valencia, Poland, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Portugal.

The group had the opportunity to enjoy a stargazing activity in the Teide National Park with local company Discover Experience. The evening was spectacular and we were able to see first hand the exceptional quality of our night sky.

Discover Experience
Discover Experience

Our guide, a fully trained Starlight Guide, explained the some of the constellations visible in Tenerife’s winter sky and the exceptional conditions for star gazing at the Teide National Park. Then we took a peek through the observation telescope and enjoyed seeing the stunning Orion Nebula and the charms of Jupiter. The group photo with this post put finishing touch to a fantastic evening under a unique star-spangled sky.


  1. we are staying in playa la del arena for a weekj in december , will you be having ny tours then?

    • Dear Mandy,

      Sorry, we had have a technical problem and my answer didn’t go out… What exactely do you mean with new tours? Thank you and sorry for answering so late.

      Kind regards,

      Your Tourism Board of Tenerife

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