‘A Thousand Worlds’, the commercial shot in Tenerife while directed remotely from Germany

Boudika Productions led this collaborative project that was shortlisted at the Berlin Commercial Awards

Shooting of ‘A Thousand Worlds’

A Thousand Worlds is the commercial shot last June in Tenerife that proves the ability to adapt and innovate of Tenerife film professionals. Boudika Productions led this collaborative project in which nearly twenty Tenerife film companies took part. The project was shortlisted at the Berlin Commercial Awards

To overcome the current mobility difficulties of creative staff, a group of Tenerife companies and technicians led by Boudika Productions shot this commercial using a new streaming system (on remote), by which the crew, camera and actors were on the island while the director gave his instructions from Munich (Germany), and the DOP controlled the lighting from his office in Madrid.

Video ‘A Thousand Worlds’

The shooting, which had the collaboration of the Clúster Audiovisual de Canarias and Tenerife Film Commission, took place on 12 and 13 June on six different locations in Tenerife, showing a wide range of landscapes, from the lunar world of Valle de Ucanca or laurel forests to beaches and coastline, including also contemporary architecture and urban interiors.

Great care was taken to follow the new protocols put in place by the health authorities, which involve unprecedented measures on a film set that have an impact on shooting time. With this shoot, the professionals involved have proved they can safely tackle a shoot in the ‘new normal.’ 

The commercial was directed by prestigious director Ivan Sáinz-Pardo from Munich (Germany), whose previous work includes award-winning short films like El laberinto de Simón or Ainhoa. On the other hand, the cinematographer was Jose Martín Rosete, who has worked in features like Remember me, Zero, Invierno en Europa or Como la espuma, as well as in the short film Voice Over, nominated for a Premio Goya.  It is about a little girl right after leaving lockdown and shows the landscape variety of the island.

Behind the scenes in Tenerife

The value of local technicians and companies and their ability to carry out a film shoot to meet top quality and technical standards is evident in the commercial’s “making of”. 

Behind the scenes ‘A Thousand Worlds’

The making of is a novel experience  and shows national and international production companies how to cut down costs as the local staff and equipment cover all their needs to complete a shoot.

Specifically, nearly twenty Tenerife companies collaborated and cooperated in the project. First of all, Boudika Productions as producer and creator of the initiative, along with  Camera Rental Canarias that supplied the camera; Canary Film Sound for the sound; The Boss provided the trucks, tents and logistics; Outlabs Canarias was in charge of camera workflow and DIT service; Blackout Films did all the postproduction; High Voltage provided the lighting equipment; Multicopter Canarias, drone services; Maligrip, their grip equipment; El Taller Imaginario took care of art direction; Kubik Visual did the making of; Chema Hernández was in charge of visual effects (VFX), in addition to Gran Canarian MTS Servicios at the steadicam and Sinergy Stream for the remote control system. Gomeralia provided the catering service and H.M. Assignment Services took care of cleaning and sanitizing while Circe managed the new risks in the workplace; Rewinder 40 supplied their eco re-useable face masks and La Residencia, accommodation.

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